Capsule Hotel in Tokyo (updated)

My flight got delayed, so I ended up spending a night at this capsule hotel near the airport.  It’s too bad I couldn’t make it to my dorm, but I can still appreciate a quintessential Tokyo experience!

The capsules were very comfortable. There is plenty of room to sit up and move around, and that black bar at the back has an electric outlet and a dimmer for the light.

From my capsule, I could see one of the floor plans posted on the wall for wayfinding. The whole building is divided into a men’s and women’s side off the lobby (though in this diagram you can only see the lobby and the women’s side).  First you walk through a locker room, where you leave your baggage and change into slippers. The rest is divided into a bathroom area, shower area, and sleep pods. The pods have their own separate room, so it was quieter and darker than the rest of the facility.

The showers were really nice. The last time I stayed at a capsule hotel, the showers were public, so a private changing room and shower was a relief! At check-in, I was given a bag with slippers, a robe, and two towels to use. Soap, shampoo, and conditioner was also provided, and they even had really quiet hair dryers.

The wayfinding at this place was really neat. Icons on the floors and walls told you where to go. After the eight hour delay in San Francisco I was pretty exhausted, and at first I was irritated that I had to pay $60 to sleep in a tube. But the good design really cheered me up!

From what I understand, capsule hotels were designed for businessmen who need a cheap, basic place to stay for short-term travel or when they miss the last train. A lot of capsule hotels are only for men, and I don’t think all of them are this nice. This one was just across the street from one of the airport terminals, which probably explains why it was so accomodating.


3 thoughts on “Capsule Hotel in Tokyo (updated)

  1. I read about these years ago and always wanted to check them out! Like a little bee hive for humans! Look forward to learning more.


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